Secondary Industry: Skills Development

SAMPRO Training is a division of the South African Milk Processors’ Organization (SAMPRO) tasked with professional and strategic guidance in respect of skills development in the secondary dairy industry in co-operation with statutory regulatory, processing and training provision organizations active in the secondary dairy industry. This takes the form of providing subject matter expertise (dairy science and technology); training expertise and quality management advice in respect of dairy technical and related training. For such services SAMPRO Training

  1. maintains representation on relevant bodies involved in skills development,
  2. maintains and frequently updates previously developed learning materials, learning aids and assessment systems,
  3. promotes skills development and the utilization of suitable learning materials and dispensations,

in co-operation with the collective secondary dairy industry.

Standards maintenance

Learning standards against which competence needs to be measured, have been established on a sound footing. These standards are reflected in

  • ‘one point lessons’ (the previous dispensation’s unit standards), as supported by linked training aids such as ‘module summaries’ and ‘posters’,
  • as well as the curriculum based qualifications’ modules (i.e. Dairyman; Dairy Laboratory Analyst and Milk Reception Operator).
  • The same goes for the non-formal learning materials called Coaching Manuals.

In all probability these standards will remain relevant for some time to come. ‘Curriculum based’ is the current approach and presents a holistic approach and achievement methodology, whilst the previously registered unit standards still have utility for the attainment of individual competencies and skills. In any event, all qualifications have to be reviewed periodically. SAMPRO is currently tasked with the maintenance of these standards and when necessary to review learning standards – in which SAMPRO plays a pivotal technical and corroborative role – but it goes further.

Not only learning materials are subject to standards maintenance. The collection of data and discussion of skills shortages by industry in order to contribute to the national Sector Skills Plan, together with planning on how to alleviate this obstacle to competitiveness, is a strategic role in which SAMPRO plays a valuable role for the formulation of solutions to skills problems. In a strategic sense, this also amounts to standards generation and setting. One example of this is the highly successful execution of the Dairy Chamber of FoodBev SETA, based on professional and strategic inputs from SAMPRO. All new replacement curriculum based qualifications emanated from formal processes mandated in the Dairy Chamber of FoodBev SETA with subject matter expertise, strategic appreciation and development participation by SAMPRO. Periodic valuable inputs are made to improve e.g. the Constitution of the SETA; policies on grant payments; policies, practices and standardised agenda and minutes for the Chamber; quality managements systems for skills development, etc.


Various categories of tangible products available for use in training in skills and knowledge have been developed over the last two decades (2000 – 2020). In the past this was obtainable by processing enterprises in good standing with Milk South Africa. The old website is constructed on archaic platforms and barely maintainable anymore. Unfortunately the cost to redesign and redevelop it is prohibitive. Therefore it has been decided to incorporate it into the website of SAMPRO, without the actual learning materials.

All enterprises in good standing with Milk SA are still able to obtain the learning materials. Below is a summarised list of the products that are available. Take note that in respect of (3) below, currently only the learning materials for the Dairyman qualification (containing 10 specializations) may be distributed, as the qualification has been registered. As soon as the ‘Milk Reception Operator’ (amendment to the final title pending) and Dairy Laboratory Analyst qualifications are registered, the learning materials pertaining to these qualifications will also be made available for distribution. This website will no longer serve as a repository for the learning materials from which it can be downloaded. The office of SAMPRO will now be able to supply the learning materials in electronic format.

  1. One point lessons (93x standards; module, cover page, assessment guide)
  2. Slide shows for the one point lessons (originally Power Point, presented as pdf) [Module summaries]
  3. Curriculum based qualifications (theory subjects, practical subjects, multiple theory assessments, practical assessments, experience log books)
  4. Slide shows for curriculum based learning materials
  5. Posters (55 for use with one point lessons AND curriculum based modules)
  6. In-house Coaching Manuals (8 programmes; 75 manuals in total)
  7. 12x Videos (3x generic on GMP, Hygiene and Food Safety, Cleaning and Sanitizing; 9x Laboratory procedures)